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Bobby Whyte is an Athletic Performance and Basketball Skill Enhancement Trainer operating out of Northern New Jersey. He is the owner of HyPower Performance where he trains many of the top players in the country.


His focus is on developing the complete basketball athlete. His personal journey, beginning with a 12” vertical jump at age 15 to playing and coaching basketball internationally provide him understanding and the confidence needed to tailor programs which maximize individual development.


​ Bobby carries several certifications that focus on mobility including both Functional Range Conditioning (FRC) and Functional Movement Systems (FMS). He’s worked with athletes ranging from beginner to NBA/NFL/Overseas Professionals. In 2016 Bobby spent 6 months working in China as the Head Strength Coach for the Guangxi Rhinos. More recently he has traveled to Israel where he directed basketball camps. He has also been the strength and conditioning coach for Hudson Catholic for the past three basketball seasons. Bobby has the ability and knowledge to develop skill and performance programs to deliver complete, healthy athletes. He believes growth takes place at the edge of ability and it his passion to bring athletes to that edge.

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